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Pigments and Ceramics

Cobalt Oxide

72–73% Cobalt Oxide Co3O4

Especially formulated for pigments and other uses requiring high purity and controlled physical form. Particle size is 100% less than 20 microns and 95% less than 10 microns.

72–73% Fine Particle Cobalt Oxide Co3O4

Available for special ceramic applications and polymer pigment applications.

Cobalt Oxide LS – Co3O4

Produced for use in various applications where sodium cannot be tolerated. Among such uses is incorporation in semiconductor devices such as varistors and thermistors, and also as a chemical precursor for the preparation of the lithium-ion rechargeable battery cathode material, lithium cobalt dioxide.

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Cobalt Hydroxide

Cobalt Hydroxide Co(OH)2

Cobalt hydroxide is a specialty product utilized in the preparation of both refining and petrochemical catalysts. Cobalt hydroxide has high chemical purity and is standardized with 61.5% cobalt content. Its particle size and uniformity (100% under 20 microns, 97% under 5 microns) and its porous structure makes this chemical a highly active form of cobalt in all catalyst applications. Freeport Cobalt is currently the world's largest producer of cobalt hydroxide.

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